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Single brunette female seeks same for hologram play and rope tricks. [x]



i have a hard time taking ppl seriously when they say “im not feminist im equalist” bc i keep thinking of korra s1 please dont steal my bending 


But maybe the rain isn’t really to blame.
So I’ll remove the cause,
But not the symptom!

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Chambaland - “Out of the Pride Lands” (Taylor Swift vs. The Lion King)

So this happened.

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ultimate ships meme:  franky + erica
  ↳ the otp to rule all the otps

Still mad Lara Radulovich is not running and writing this show anymore. What a waste of complex dynamics. Sigh.

MAN I still need to watch this.


apparently calling carmilla a “useless lesbian” is offensive because there are other sexual identities you can give her

except that carmilla is a goddamn lesbian you assholes